2022 Rural Small Business Conference    Feb 8-10, 2022


agAlaska is a resource for Alaska Native farmers and ranchers, providing links to federal and state level organizations that revolve around land conservation for Alaskan tribes, as well as resources for existing Tribal Conservation Districts or help with forming TCD’s.

AgAlaska affords rural villages support and resources needed to begin community gardening farming and ranching. Information and links provide current grant opportunities, best garden practices, and resource links to government and non-government agencies.

Alaska Carbon Exchange

Alaska Carbon Exchange gives Alaska landowners management tools that use industry-leading techniques to protect and increase their property’s natural resources.

The world has started to understand the value of a healthy planet. After witnessing the decline in air quality and environmental health from unregulated development by nations, leaders have agreed to work for a better industry and sustainable communities.

ACE works with local landowners to help them benefit from this new market of protecting lands and ridding the world of pollution.

NRCS Training

In cooperation with the National Resources Conservation Service, AVI is working on the Apprentice Planner Certification program as an economic opportunity for residents in rural Alaska.

The Alaska Foresty Modules will also complement agriculture STEM courses within our K-12 courses.

Other modules include: ANCSA & Native Entity Organization, Alaska Native Corporations, Subsistence in Rural Alaska, and 

Rural Small Business Conference

For the past thirty years Alaska Village Initiatives has sponsored the Rural Small Business Conference. The purpose of this Conference is to bring together rural businesses and leaders and provide them with networking opportunities, training, and technical information. A focal point of the Conference is the Marketplace Trade-show, which provides an opportunity for participants to meet exhibitors and their showcase of products and services.


From the Ground Up: Revolutionizing Agriculture Education in Alaska is expanding AVI’s program for socially disadvantaged and veteran farmers in three phases by providing educational courses to a broader audience supporting classrooms with technology, televised course supplements, and value-added presentations by established farmers nationwide.

In the Fall of 2021, we will deliver Phase 1 for youth ages 15-18; Phase 2 focuses on K-6; in Phase 3, our attention turns to programmatic success by providing farmers and veterans with tools to maintain sustainable agriculture through business practices. Our program focuses on a robust and culturally appropriate curriculum to grow food by developing community farms and building capacity with different age groups while developing lifelong skills.

AVI intends to deliver agriculture educational programs that include hands-on learning activities, how-to-videos, mini-documentaries, and agriculture-related digital resources with specific learning outcomes, required skills, and live presentations by farmers, elders, and agriculture specialists from our Anchorage-based studio. The program focuses on a robust and culturally appropriate curriculum to grow food by developing community farms while building capacity through courses directly to village residents. The curriculum addresses food support through farming and how-to practices related to USDA nutrition programs, including the Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program.