“Native American families are 400 percent more likely than other U.S. households to report not having enough to eat, largely as a result of living in remote, isolated locations where food supplies and jobs are scarce.”
The Partnership with Native Americans 

Arctic Greenhouse

AVI promotes a vision of social equity and environmental well-being tied to food security in the Alaska Arctic region.

AVI is working towards developing a test Controlled Environment Agriculture project for food security in the Arctic region. The project spans three years allowing for continued expansion and testing of hydroponics, raised beds, and vertical farming. The project serves as the potential foundation for transplanting the appropriate technology to remote Alaska villages as an advanced tool in the battle against food insecurity in Alaska’s villages.

Helping the environment by removing carbon from the atmosphere

Under a Cooperative Agreement with USDA/Natural Resources Conservation Service, AVI defined, surveyed, identified, and brought to market in 2023 qualified acreage providing new economic opportunities for the 680 residents in Akiachak.

Essentially, all life depends upon the soil … There can be no life without soil and no soil without life; they have evolved together.

AVI is working with the State of Alaska and the Natural Resources Conservation Service to deliver agriculture services to village producers with technical assistance and soil testing to increase agriculture yields and processing abilities.